Dr. Louis "Louie" Padelsky is an Assistant Medical Examiner for the City of New York. He is a heavyset man, prone to sarcasm. 

Padelsky and M.E. nurse Sheila Rocco examined the two headless corpses removed from the Humboldt Kill by New York police diver Snow and Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta. His examination of the first body quickly determined they were looking at a 5'6"–5'7" female under the age of forty, who was soon identified as the socialite Pamela Wisher, thanks to a belt found around its waist. Upon examining the second body, however, Padelsky quickly called in the Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Simon Brambell.

He was later present in a meeting called by Dr. Brambell with D'Agosta along with anthropologist Whitney Frock and ethnopharmacologist Margo Green of the New York Museum of Natural History, where he assisted Brambell in presenting some strange markings and deformities present in the second skeleton. The team later determined that the body was that of scientist Greg Kawakita, a former associate of Frock and Green at the museum.

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